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Guided Tours

The Royal Danish Theatre is no ordinary workplace. The theatre employs people from all walks of life. Staging performances is a highly complex task and experiencing how it’s all done both backstage and onstage is truly amazing.

Guided tours are conducted at the Old Stage, The Royal Danish Playhouse and Operaen. These venues are very different. At the Old Stage emphasis is placed on the history of the institution, and there are visits to the theatre workshops; whereas at Operaen the architecture takes centre stage along with the state-of-the-art opera house facilities.

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Rundvisning i Skuespilhuset

Oplev Skuespilhuset, Store Scenes intime grottestemning og få indblik i tankerne bag bygningens arkitektur og belysning. Kombineret dansk og engelsk

Guided tour

Guided Tour at The Opera House

Experience the unique building that offers sweeping views of Renaissance Copenhagen and the city harbour.

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