The Royal Danish Opera

The Royal Danish Opera

The Royal Danish Opera is Scandinavia’s leading opera company with a long tradition and history. In 2005, the Royal Danish Opera inaugurated its new waterside Opera House in Copenhagen, which has given the company a fitting new venue in which to develop its great artistic potential.

The Royal Danish Opera is one of the few opera companies in the world to have a soloist ensemble, one recognised for its very high artistic level. The ensemble soloists are also much in demand at other opera houses throughout the world. The Royal Danish Opera Chorus is celebrated as one of the world’s best, and the Royal Danish Orchestra is known far and wide for being an exceptionally accomplished and dedicated orchestra.

The Royal Danish Opera distinguishes itself within the German late Romantic repertoire. The company features internationally renowned Wagner singers and stages critically acclaimed productions of Wagner’s operas.


Artistic director of Opera
John Fulljames

The Royal Danish Opera Chorus

The Royal Opera Chorus consists of 40 singers fairly evenly divided between men and women. For operas with a large chorus such as the operas of Wagner the permanent chorus is exstended with numerous assistants.

The opera chorus apears in the majority of the operatic repertoire, and chorus members practice during the day and participate in performances in the evening - often several performances alternately.

Thesingers must be able to sing in a multitude of different languages ​​including German, French, English, Italian, Russian and Czech. The singers in the opera chorus often have several different roles in the course of just a single performance.

The critically acclaimed Royal Danish Opera Chorus has been called one of the world's best opera chorus.

Sopranos: Pernille Bruun, Helle Charlotte Petersen, Cille Ebling, Mette Grosbøl, Trine Vestergaard, Nina Sveistrup Clausen, Camilla Paulsson, Annika Isgar, Karen Dinitzen, Hanne Bremholm, Cecilia Hjortsberg
Altos: Pia Rose Hansen, Anne Kleinstrup, Trunte Aaboe, Tine Bye Sandorff, Helle Grarup, Sasse Flodgaard, Mariann Amdisen, Henriette Elimar, Matilde Wallevik
Tenors: Søren Hossy, Imre György, Michael B. Schou, Lars Bo Ravnbak, Thomas Poulsen Kragh, Jan-Erik Sääv, Mogens Gert Hansen, Peter Steen Andersen, Torleif Steinstø, Carl Rahmqvist, Peter Arnoldsson
Basses: Jens Fruergaard Otte, Bo G. Nandfred, Ole Jegindø Norup, Jani Kyllönen, Rasmus Ruge, Morten Lassenius Kramp, Simon Schelling, Lasse Christian Bach, Stefano Olcese



Administrative Director - Malene Truelsen
Executive Secretary - Rebecca Kirkeby
Project Managers - Stig Debois, Mette Bryndum, Line Hauger
Project assistent - Astrid Rørdam Svane
Artistic Administrator and Planner - Franziska M. Kaiser
Planning and Artists Coordinators - Morten Danvad,  Henriette Holm Sandbye
Financial Administrator - Piet Bossant
Orchestra Director - Vacant
Orchestra Pit Managers - Jens Juul, Mikael Poulsen
Chorus Director - Vacant
Chorus Manager - Karen Tang Andersen
Studienleiter - Leif Greibe, Orsi Fajger
Assistant conductor - Robert Houssart
Répétiteurs - Adam Faber, Ian Ryan
Music Archivists - Ulla Aasted Due, Kaspar Frederiksen, Daniel Drage Lotzkat
Piano Technician - Carsten Beyer
Staff Directors - Anne Fugl,  Line Kromann
Stage Managers - Berit Wolsted Jones,  Martin Korshagen,  Anne Kristine Lauritzen, 
Programme editors and dramaturgs - Marie Theilmann
PR and Press - Claus Georg Kjær

Artistic consultant - Henrik Engelbrecht