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Previous seasons

Season 2017-2018
One One One

The Greek choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis and Corpus invite people to an intimate one-on-one performance where the movements are based on the audience.


Corpus Special: Bobbi Jene Day

Corpus has the pleasure of inviting you to a day with Gaga Class, Open Rehearsal and movie showing in the company of Bobbi Jene. The documentary about Choreographer Bobbi Jene is running right now in Danish cinemas impressing the audience.



Corpus and CHART are delighted to present FALL. 
This is a new work created by choreographer Martin Forsberg and artist Christian Falsnaes, conceived to be performed by an audience together with the members of the dance company Corpus as the first part of Corpus´s and CHART's 3-year collaboration. 


Dark Field Analysis

Dansehallerne and Corpus copresent the piece Dark Field Analysis created by choreographer Jefta van Dinther.

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69 positions

Dansehallerne and Corpus copresent the groundbreaking choreographer Mette Ingvartsen's piece, 69 positions.

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The Vampire Revolution

We cannot continue screaming more, louder, faster, growth, growth, growth. What if, we are the ones who cannot live with it anymore. The ones who do not want to anymore. The ones who want a new reality. A new reality that we can believe in.


Corpus Sunday

Corpus invites you to a Sunday concert with Mikkel Ploug and his sensuous and melodious tunes.

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Corpus Instant

6 dancers creating a piece in 8 hours

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Corpus Workshop - Niv Marinberg

Corpus Workshop is a curated workshop where we invite you in to take part of how we work.

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Aarhus Festival: Prefecture - on tour

Choreographer Martin Forsberg has created the very first performance for Corpus' brand new dancers. When asked, he describes Prefecture as Disneyland without all the fun and a Spectacular disaster. Experience the performance at Aarhus Festival.

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Corpus + Augustinus

Corpus celebrates, Augustinus foundations 75 years jubillee at Tivoli, with a newly created audience experience.



Choreographer Martin Forsberg has created the very first performance for Corpus' brand new dancers. When asked, he describes Prefecture as Disneyland without all the fun and a Spectacular disaster. Please visit the new cheap Corpus bar for encouragement.

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Season 2016 - 2017

The Society of Lost Souls

Corpus is proud to present a brand new work by the brilliant Jo Strømgren!

Apart from the content of horror movies and religious depictions of the afterlife, we know very little about parallel realities.

Are they as organized as our own world? Are the people there as confused as us? And what problems – if any – arise from the multicultural nature of the afterlife?

With this performance Jo Strømgren finally provides the answer to the big question: What happens when life ends? Stephen Hawking, Pope Francis, Povl Dissing, Dalai Lama and the descendants of Albert Einstein have already been invited. But naturally, the Danish audience will also get an opportunity to witness this historic event.

Corpus Unika - KRIGSDANS

About the production of I FØLING


Pop Up Damir Emric

Corpus/Pop Up is a series of exclusive shows curated by dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet. Each show is unique and will only be performed one time.

The premise of Corpus/Pop Up is simple: The responsible dancer is only given a few days of rehearsal, the budget is very sparse, and the access to technical stage services is limited. The idea is to force the dancers to think differently and use their intuition to access the immediate and fleeting.


Pop Up Susanne Grinder

Corpus/Pop Up is a series of exclusive shows curated by dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet. Each show is unique and will only be performed one time.

The premise of Corpus/Pop Up is simple: The responsible dancer is only given a few days of rehearsal, the budget is very sparse, and the access to technical stage services is limited. The idea is to force the dancers to think differently and use their intuition to access the immediate and fleeting.



A deformed ballet barre twists and turns across the room, supporting, at the same time, a large screen. The screen shows a woman enclosed in mechanical equipment turning and bending her limbs. It is impossible to determine whether the woman or the machine controls the movement. Several dancers appear on the stage. Some have classically trained bodies – others deviate from ballet tradition.


Corpus unika - Mr. Gaga

Corpus has the great pleasure to host the Danish Premiere of Mr.Gaga, a unique and exhilarating dance documentary that has been described as the best dance documentary since Pina.


Alternativ Advent

Alternativ Advent is a non-traditional celebration of a tradition, which most of us associate with nothing more than lighting christmas candles.

Corpus loves everything off beat, and therefore this will be a Christmas event on the alternative end of the spectrum.

Alternativ Advent will offer everything from musical performances and Christmas tall tales to a priest, Virgin Mary and three wise men.

Join us for a night of alternative Christmas spirit!

Tornerose skal dø

A destructive ballet about Sleeping Beauty meeting reality.

Sleeping Beauty is the peak of romantic ballet. The dancers appear to be hovering, almost as if they were as imaginary as sleeping beauty herself.

Tornerose skal dø, marks the debut from ‘Biering/Chemnitz’ on The Royal Danish Ballet. The objective: To fuck with the dream world.

Their dance of destruction will show the sweaty jockstraps, injuries and gravity luring beneath the dazzling beauty of classical ballet.

‘Biering/Chemnitz’ consists of director Tue Biering and scenographer Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz. Tue Biering is famous for employing actual prostitutes in a staging of Pretty Woman and outsourcing an entire production of Elves’ Hill toBangladesh.

Tornerose skal dø, is a collaboration between Corpus and ‘Biering/Chemnitz’, and the result is a ballet with seven dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet – seen for who they really are.


Pop Up – Oliver Starpov

Fluorescence is the performance, Oliver Starpov has wanted to create, ever since Corpus started their pop-up concept.

Fluorescence is about being an old soul in a young body, feeling alone and misunderstood, hating your own body and being suicidal. It is about being young today.

Corpus Unika We like We

'We Like We' was formed in Copenhagen in 2012 and consists of Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin), Josefine Opsahl (cello), Katika Fogh Vindelev (vocals) and Sara Nigard Rosendal (percussion).

The band members are classically trained musicians sharing the desire to explore, improvise and shape their own sound. They create genre-defying improvisational music driven by playfulness and intuition. Off beat, brave and absolutely seductive...

Body and Art

With the unique event Body and Art, Corpus offers a night of experimentation.

Corpus means body, and Corpus is a dance company.  It is natural for us to focus on the body – its expression and ability. Therefore, we have invited a number of Danish and international artists to investigate the body and its potential for artistic expression.

The political poet Peter-Clement Woetmann will read brand new texts about the human body. The painter Carl Krull will create a piece of virtual reality art on the night itself. Choreographer/dancer Tilman O’Donnell and musician Mikkel Ploug will explore the work of philosopher Alain Badiou through dance and music.

Composer and performance artist Martin Stauning will present various sound-interventions. Performance artist and Ph.d. Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt will question the body’s promise of artistic authenticity and intimacy.

The theatre group ‘Cheer Extreme’ will perform an excerpt of their successful performance Opvisning i lavt selvværd.

Bring your friends. And their bodies! 

Season 2015 - 2016

Hungry for Blue

The performance Hungry for Blue creates unexpected moments through a physical exploration of the concepts hunger and blue.
The process is another democratic experiment that lets 6 dancers create a performance from scratch. The idea is to challenge the traditional hierarchy and thereby make room for a piece that is the product of several artistic minds and bodies.

Uropa (2016)

After war there is refuge. We feel a need to comment on the current refugee crisis that escalated beyond what we could ever have imagined, during the time we were working on the performance.

Corpus is collaborating with Christian Lollike and Sort/Hvid for the second time, this time creating a performance about asylum and refuge with six asylum seekers as performers and co-creators.

Their stories cast a light on the different circumstances that make people flee their countries – and the complexity of arriving in a new one.

We try to understand and comment on the political tension that surrounds asylum and refugees, aiming to offer new perspectives on the topic of asylum and the people arriving at our borders.  

This performance continuously grows and changes its shape as the debate evolves during the run of the performance. 

The press wrote

''A performance at Copenhagen's Royal Theatre faces an unusual problem: the stars of the show, sold out in advance, could face deportation before the final curtain falls.'' / Al Arabiya, 31.01.16

''The piece aims to give a human face to the migrant crisis facing Europe, at a time when Scandinavian countries are tightening their once-liberal immigration laws.'' / The Sunday Times, 07.02.16

''With few props on stage, dialogue and dance are at the centre of the English-language play'' / BBC Record, London, 03.02.16

''Disco funk music and ballet moves are mixed with harrowing tales of persecution and rape in the performance, which opened just days after Danish lawmakers voted to allow police to confiscate valuables from refugees and delay family reunifications by three years.'' / Agence-France-Presse, 31.01.16


In Life & Love & So On (2015)

We do not expect that Corpus will have a Greek chorus comment on cultural canonization and its effects on the arts from the orchestra pit of Gamle Scene.

But Tilman O’Donnell’s piece In Life & Love & So On does exactly that.

This piece is inspired by the lecture From Logic to Anhtropology by the French philosopher Alain Badiou, and Tilman O’Donnell reminds us that choreography has many forms of expression. O'Donnell aims to portray the message in an open and unexpected way by letting the words speak and the scenography dance.

The performance’s last words are still echoing:

’A group of people who affirm, that there is really a new possibility’


Know (2015)

We are invited by Nikolaj Hübbe to participate in the first mixed program of the season.

In the light of a very successful workshop from the previous year we now invite Idan Sharabi back to create his first piece for a classical company.

The piece examines what we know, what we do not know, what we can, what we cannot, and what we are willing to do about it.

Working on the performance is a very giving creative process, where the participants embrace an unknown language of physical expression.

Season 2014 - 2015

Feberhavnen (2015)

SIGNA has been at the top of our wish list for three years. We have not been able to shake the grand experience it was for us to see their previous performance Villa Salo. We want to challenge Corpus and The Royal Danish Theatre to create a performance experience as wild as that.

The chemistry is obvious from the first meeting, and the result is one of our most daring and debated performances filled with magical moments.

The press wrote

”Imagine, that I would be given the honour of acting as a barre for principal dancer Marcin Kupinski, as he was doing his barre exercises.” / Politiken 7.maj 2015 

Cacti (2015)

We are asked to complement the famous ballet Etudes in the Dans 2 Go-program.

The first to come to mind is Alexander Ekman, who with his humor, his tight visual expression and particular musicality looks like the perfect match.

He suggests his piece Cacti.

We work with cactuses and knee pads, a string quartet on stage and the whole orchestra in the orchestra pit, to present the new star choreographer in Denmark for the first time. 

DØDEN – a collaboration with Det Røde Rum

We have a wish to collaborate with Det Røde Rum and that opportunity is given when Therese Willstedt invites us in to be part of a devising process, which results in a performance about death.

Seven real people's battle with death gives life to the seven performers on stage, and the performance becomes a very respectful depiction of the many facets of life and death.

Season 2013 - 2014

I Føling (2014)

We have a wish to collaborate with the controversial theatre director Christian Lollike. He is very interested, but only if the performance examines the Danish participation in the war in Afghanistan.

We agree and decide to put war-injured soldiers on stage together with our dancers. The result is a beautiful and brutal contrast providing audience with an opportunity to feel the war on their own bodies.

The press wrote

★★★★★ With the war in the body
The Royal Danish Ballet’s Corpus has in collaboration with Christian Lollike created a touching and sober performance about the Danish soldiers in Afghanistan. / Berlingske, 24. maj 2014.

242 år i trikot (2013)

We wish to create a performance for The Royal Danish Ballet’s character dancers, and we invite theatre director Staffan Valdemar Holm to create his first dance piece together with scenographer Bente Lykke Møller. The result is the performance Re-collect.  

Anne Marie Vessel Schlüter choreographs a solo for the same evening called Petit Voyage.

Pressen skrev

★★★★★ "Watching the Royal Danish Ballet’s five graceful and very experienced character dancers perform 242 år i trikot  is like looking at magical treasure/ Berlingske.

"242 år i trikot is a new gem in the repertoire." / Information

Interregnum (2013)

With Interregnum we wish to investigate how a creative process at the Royal Danish Ballet can function with a democratic structure.

We see great potential in experimenting with a democratic process in this historical theatre, where tradition otherwise dictates a very hierarchical structure with the director or scenographer dominating the creative process.

Season 2012 - 2013

We’re not waving… We’re drowning (2013)

Our first big production is about the afterlife, and it differs from the traditional notion of storytelling through dance.

In the opening scene we ask the audience: “If you died now, where would you prefer to spend eternity?” We present the audience with ten different eternity-scenarios, one more abstract than the next. All of them inspired by the life we live.

The press wrote

"Everything from lame makeover-show with cheeky hosts and delicious-but-idle show dancing in smoke, lacquer and leather to subtle well-choreographed pas de deux with a fused man and woman./ Politiken, 6. juni 2013

The dance of death through life
“It is very important that the ballet does not just disappear into a zone of cultural comfort. Go on, and see that dance is alive at the Royal Danish Ballet.” / Weekendavisen, 7. juni 2013


Hübberiet (2012)

We are invited to debut on Gamle Scene as a part of the christmas-revue Jule-Hübberiet. We feel a need to start from scratch, and so we ask our colleagues why they dance, and why it is important to them. Their answers become Corpus' creative starting point, and it is a grand opening!