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Corpus Podcast is a podcast about art, artistic processes and the potentiality within progressive art. Starting from its own artistic practice Corpus explores what is going on in dance right now - often supplemented by an interesting guest.

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Corpus is a current dance company and an autonomous part of The Royal Danish Ballet. Corpus consists of six dancers and a creative team directed by Tim Matiakis. Corpus’ main stage is A-salen behind the Old Stage.

Our ambition is to help shape the future of dance by presenting performances and events where the physical potential is in focus. Furthermore, it is our aim to be a growth centre for progressive contemporary art within all genres.

In Corpus, we are concerned with how thoughts and ideas become physical actions embedded in the society we live in. We believe that dance is for everybody, that the audience is our most important collaborator and even the smallest action is the way forward. Corpus wants to develop dance and continue to surprise over and over again.

In the year that has passed Corpus got its own entrance to A-salen at the Old Stage. This will be the gate to casual and sensuous meetings between the audience and the art. With the new company, Corpus will push the boundaries within dance and open up for debate, analysis and learning. Here, nothing is sacred and everything is debatable. Come as you are, wearing a dress or rubber boots, or maybe both – here, we drink from the bottle, the bar is cheap, the experience is yours and you are warmly welcome!

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Bobbi Jene – into the process + Gaga/people class

With this Corpus Special you are invited into a creative process. The process behind a performance is usually hidden from the audience, as it can be a very sensitive and sometimes chaotic journey. In Corpus we take pride in chaos as we want to be transparent and showcase the full experience of creation - so come in to this sneak peak, where choreographer Bobbi Jene is working with Corpus to create a performance.


CHART + Corpus: Ghosting workshop

CHART and The Royal Danish Theatre/Corpus invite you to a physical encounter with the creatures of the internet.


Corpus Friday Bar

Corpus wants to end your week in the best way possible! Corpus gives you the space to hang out with your friends and meet new people in a 'royal´ framing.
We promise cheap beer, a relaxed atmosphere and a special Friday showing of artistic material.

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Corpus + Sebastian Matthias: Ghosting

How does it feel to be ghosted in flesh and blood? Corpus invites you to a physical encounter with the creatures of the internet.


A Room For All Our Tomorrows

DK Premiere! In 2016 they were in Dansehallerne with the work Idiot-Syncrasy. Now, the award-winning London-based artist duo is back in CPH. This time with an absolutely dynamic duet that is about us and about the little secrets we all carry on when we are closest to each other. Do not miss this special moment!


Corpus + Bobbi Jene: Caldera

Bobbi Jene has received a lot of attention through the documentary with the same name, that has won many international prizes and excited audiences and reviewers all over the world.


Corpus + Roskilde Festival

Corpus and Roskilde Festival has joined forces. Together we give you the latest within contemporary dance and contemporary music. With this collaboration we celebrate the power of combining live dance and live music. We will perform in A-sal as well as at Roskilde Festival, to give you all the chance to experience our dynamic duo of dance and music.


Previous Seasons

A chronological list of all Corpus' productions back to the debut in Hübberiet in 2012.



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