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Corpus Podcast is a podcast about art, artistic processes and the potentiality within progressive art. Starting from its own artistic practice Corpus explores what is going on in dance right now - often supplemented by an interesting guest.

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Corpus is a current dance company and an autonomous part of The Royal Danish Ballet. Corpus consists of six dancers and a creative team directed by Tim Matiakis. Corpus’ main stage is A-salen behind the Old Stage.

Our ambition is to help shape the future of dance by presenting performances and events where the physical potential is in focus. Furthermore, it is our aim to be a growth centre for progressive contemporary art within all genres.

In Corpus, we are concerned with how thoughts and ideas become physical actions embedded in the society we live in. We believe that dance is for everybody, that the audience is our most important collaborator and even the smallest action is the way forward. Corpus wants to develop dance and continue to surprise over and over again.

In the year that has passed Corpus got its own entrance to A-salen at the Old Stage. This will be the gate to casual and sensuous meetings between the audience and the art. With the new company, Corpus will push the boundaries within dance and open up for debate, analysis and learning. Here, nothing is sacred and everything is debatable. Come as you are, wearing a dress or rubber boots, or maybe both – here, we drink from the bottle, the bar is cheap, the experience is yours and you are warmly welcome!

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Dance Audition

Corpus is looking for one dancer/physical performer for a one-year contract for season 18/19 and two dancers/physical performers for project-based contracts in season 18/19.

Corpus is a dance company, focusing on creations, collaborations and processes in search of new ways of creating, working and communicating dance/performances.

Corpus is an integrated yet autonomous part of the Royal Danish Ballet and The Royal Danish Theatre. 

Corpus mission is to question and develop. Corpus is looking for people that have a similar interest in finding out, how a small company within a big institution, can be part of questioning, developing and presenting physical performances and other concepts. 

Corpus wants to explore many different aesthetics and many different approaches in its search forward.

Corpus is looking for dancers/physical performers who are interested in investing in the journey of this company, interested in physical exploration and who are willing to play with and develop new communication tools, to reach our audience.


  • Corpus is looking for dancers/physical performers with at least 3 years professional experience and the experience of having worked for a company.

  • The audition will be held on the 8th of April 2018, at the Royal Theatre, in Copenhagen and is by invitation only.

  • The deadline for the application is 11th of March 2018 at midnight.

  • Invitations to the audition will be sent out on the 23rd of March 2018.

  • The application must include a CV, a headshot and at least one video.

  • The applications are sent to

Best wishes
Tim Matiakis
Artistic director of Corpus


The Vampire Revolution

We cannot continue screaming more, louder, faster, growth, growth, growth. What if, we are the ones who cannot live with it anymore. The ones who do not want to anymore. The ones who want a new reality. A new reality that we can believe in.


69 positions

Dansehallerne and Corpus copresent the groundbreaking choreographer Mette Ingvartsen's piece, 69 positions.

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Dark Field Analysis

Dansehallerne and Corpus copresent the piece Dark Field Analysis created by choreographer Jefta van Dinther.

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Earlier this season:

Corpus Workshop - Niv Marinberg

Corpus Workshop is a curated workshop where we invite you in to take part of how we work.

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Corpus Instant

6 dancers creating a piece in 8 hours

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Corpus Sunday

Corpus invites you to a Sunday concert with Mikkel Ploug and his sensuous and melodious tunes.

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Aarhus Festival: Prefecture - on tour

Choreographer Martin Forsberg has created the very first performance for Corpus' brand new dancers. When asked, he describes Prefecture as Disneyland without all the fun and a Spectacular disaster. Experience the performance at Aarhus Festival.

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Corpus and CHART are delighted to present FALL. 
This is a new work created by choreographer Martin Forsberg and artist Christian Falsnaes, conceived to be performed by an audience together with the members of the dance company Corpus as the first part of Corpus´s and CHART's 3-year collaboration. 


Corpus + Augustinus

Corpus celebrates, Augustinus foundations 75 years jubillee at Tivoli, with a newly created audience experience.



Choreographer Martin Forsberg has created the very first performance for Corpus' brand new dancers. When asked, he describes Prefecture as Disneyland without all the fun and a Spectacular disaster. Please visit the new cheap Corpus bar for encouragement.

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Previous Seasons

A chronological list of all Corpus' productions back to the debut in Hübberiet in 2012.