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The Royal Danish Ballet Summerschool

July 15th – August 3rd 2019



What does it take to become a professional dancer today? The dance world places increasingly higher demands on dancers worldwide. On top of hard work and discipline, the 21st century dancer is expected to master a wide range of styles and techniques from classical ballet to modern and jazz. We aim to provide the ideal framework for our students to develop these skills in order to meet the technical and artistic challenges of today’s leading ballet companies.

For three weeks in July, we offer a focused course with renowned international teachers representing different styles and traditions of the dance world. In the historical facilities of The Royal Danish Ballet, we strive to strengthen the internationally-minded outlook of our students. Our tailor-made curriculum will help our students gain the knowledge and experience that can go a long way in securing a job within a highly competitive art form.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the details of our 2019 summer course - A program that will help challenge and develop the artists of tomorrow.


Alexander W. Stæger

Director, The Royal Danish Ballet - Summer School.


We offer a tailor-made and highly flexible program where students have the possibility to register for one, two, or all three weeks.

Classes begin at 9.30 and finish at either 12.00 or 17.00 depending on which participation option you choose, BASIC or FULL.

The BASIC programs consist of classes of Classical Ballet and Pointe Work/Men's Variations.

The FULL programs consist of all classes held in the chosen week. For example: Modern Technique and Repertoire, Pas de Deux, Variations, Fosse Technique and Repertoire, Pilates/Strength training, Choreography.

All classes are taught in English and we accept students of all nationalities.

On August 3rd all enrolled students will have the opportunity to perform in our performance on one of The Royal Theater's professional stages. The performance is free and will feature excerpts and pieces from the various classes.

Tuition – For Women, Women – Elite and Men


1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

Basic programme

DKK 2.900,00

DKK 5.510,00
(save 5%)

DKK 7.395,00
(save 15%)

Full programme

DKK 4.000,00 

DKK 7.200,00
(save 10%)

DKK 9.000,00
(save 25%)

Kids program

DKK 1.600,00 incl. lunch

Programs and registration

The Royal Danish Ballet - Summer School consists of four unique programs. Click on each button to learn more about the specificities of each program.





Teaching Staff

The full teaching staff will be announced here shortly and presented with biographies. The faculty for RDBSS 2019 will be disclosed soon.

The Royal Danish Ballet Summer School takes pride in being international. The faculty therefore includes teachers from Denmark and abroad, selected for the diversity of their styles and their rich experience in professional dance training.

The past faculty includes Adi Salant, Amy Watson, Ann Renking, Antonio Carmena, Célia Amade, Christine Camillo, Claire Ratcliffe, Dafna Dudovich, Dariusz Nowak, David Watson, Dor Mamalia, Dylis Croman, Gudrun Bojesen, Henning Albrechtsen, Henriette Muus, Jacob Brent, Jared Redick, Jennifer Wagstaffe, Johanne Dam, Jonathan Chmelensky, Lynne Charles, Mads Eriksen, Maria Bernholdt, Mogens Boesen, Nina Botkay, Taina Morales, Tina Højlund, Yen-Ching Lin.


The Royal Danish Ballet - Summer School does not offer official housing. However, we have a network of trusted landlords that have rented out their apartments to students in the past, at very reasonable rates. There is a limited number of apartments available.

As a guideline, the rates are: 3,500 DKK per week (apartment with 2 students), larger apartments (room for 3+ students) cost 1,500 DKK per student/week. It is also possible to accommodate students on their own upon special request.

Students are paired up according to age, nationality and their attendance in the summer school (one, two, three weeks). It is also possible to accommodate several students travelling together. Each apartment is different and offers various types of beds. Housing is unsupervised.

If you are interested in being placed in an apartment, please send an email to sebo@kglteater.dk after you have registered and paid your tuition. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Deadline for application is April 1st, 2019.

The Summer School facilitates contact between landlords and students but is not involved with the rental process itself, and does not interfere in relations between landlords and students. The Summer School will therefore not be held accountable for any issues that may arise between these parties.

The apartments are available to the summer school students only. Families and friends must find their own accommodation.


Copenhagen is a relatively small city, and we have great public transportation that is both safe and efficient. Transport around is easy and accessible, and the metro goes straight to the theatre from all locations. Transport to and from the airport is not provided by the Summer School. If you would like to experience the true Danish lifestyle, you may consider renting a bike. Danes bike everywhere, especially in the summer, and we have a great infrastructure for this.


Students must provide their own meals. We are hoping to establish a lunch plan from this year where the students can eat lunch in the canteen of The Royal Theatre. If this is not possible, we will set up refrigerators by the changing rooms where the students can store their lunches.


Registered students between the ages of 15–20 may apply for a scholarship for the 2019 Summer School if they participate for a min of two weeks. Scholarships strictly cover tuition fees and cannot be used to cover travel expenses or accommodation. We give approximately 8-10 scholarships per year.

To be considered please provide the following:

  • A personal description of the applicant including age, nationality and dance experience
  • Reasons why you feel you should be considered for a scholarship
  • A short audition video (approximately 10 min.) including excerpts from barre and center
  • Does the student receive funding from other foundations?
  • Will the student attend other summer programs?

Please send your application to summerschool@kglteater.dk

Applications must be submitted by May 1st 2019

The Royal Danish Ballet

The Royal Danish Ballet is the world's third oldest ballet company. It originates from 1748 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1771 the company established the Royal Danish Ballet School which is, as well, among the oldest of its kind.

With its unique Bournonville tradition and an eye for innovation the company has always managed to present a varied repertoire of high quality.

One of the Royal Danish Ballet's core tasks is to continue and develop Bournonville ballets known for their fine sense of mimetic narrative and effortless ease. The legacy of August Bournonville will always be the backbone of the Company's repertoire, but the company also has the capacity to interpret the magnificent ballets from the Russian tradition and an ambition to constantly expand and renew the repertoire with works by George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins as well as new works by contemporary ballet choreographers.

Being able to present a broad and demanding repertoire of high artistic quality requires a large company of skilled and talented dancers who can master the many varied tasks and styles in more than 80 annual performances.

Contact us

Studio Entrance:

Tordenskjoldsgade no. 8 (August Bournonville Passage), Royal Theatre

Dates: Jul 15th – Aug 3rd, 2019


Royal Danish Ballet - Summer School
Att.: Alexander W. Stæger
Postboks 2185
1017 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Phone: +45 27 12 96 91

Queries about applications: summerschool@kglteater.dk

Practical questions and housing: sebo@kglteater.dk

We hope this has given you some idea of this year's program. Feel free to contact us again should you have further questions.

We hope to welcome you in Copenhagen this summer!