Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

The full teaching staff will be announced here shortly and presented with biographies and photos.

Confirmed teachers:

Adi Salant (Modern Technique and Repertoire)

Amy Watson (Classical Technique, Pointe, Classical Repertoire)

Ann Reinking and Gary Chryst (Fosse Technique and Repertoire)

Anna-Olivia Christesen (Pilates and Body Conditioning)

Diana Cuni (Bournonville Class, Bournonville Repertoire)

Gudrun Bojesen (Bournonville Class, Bournonville Repertoire)

Henning Albrechtsen (Bournonville Class, Bournonville Repertoire)

Lotte Sigh (Choreography and the Creative Process)

Mads Eriksen (Classical Technique, Pointe)

Marc Du Bouays (Classical Technique, Classical Repertoire)

Tina Højlund (Classical Technique, Pointe, Classical Repertoire)

Tug Watson (Theatre Dance and Repertoire)


Check back soon for the full list...