About The Ballet School

The Royal Danish Ballet School


Founded back in 1771, the Royal Danish Ballet School is exceptional in the sense that the Royal Danish Ballet is one of the few companies in the world where both dance classes and academic classes are taught within the theatre building. Besides receiving classical ballet training, students also attend a normal in-house academic programme corresponding to that provided by the Danish public school system. 

If selected to become apprentices, students will be enrolled in the HF (Higher Preparatory Examination) programme, which is offered in cooperation with Falkonergården High School in the context of a ‘Team Danmark’ scheme. This scheme applies to Danish-speaking students. Special guidelines are issued for international students.

There is something totally unique about being a ballet child in a world of theatre, music, dance and movement – which also involves homework, costumes and fairy tales as well as ballet classes, rehearsals and performances. Becoming a ballet dancer requires years of training in a programme of study filled with experiences and opportunities, and to some it is a choice for life. 

The ballet school has about 110-120 students, ranging from pre-schoolers (grade 0) to students in upper secondary classes.

The Royal Danish Ballet School is located in Copenhagen, Holstebro and Odense and, in addition to these venues, features affiliated talent centres in Aarhus, Holstebro, Ålborg and Esbjerg.