Apprentice programme


Apprentice programme

The Apprentice programme corresponds to the last three years of education at the Royal Danish Ballet School.  Students receive intensive ballet training, along with compulsory academic education at Falkonergårdens Gymnasium & HF. The curriculum includes ballet technique, repertoire, modern dance, pas de deux, physiotherapy, mental coaching, pilates, ballet history, performance skills and nutrition. All throughout the season, the students take part in several performances, tours and events, including two productions as corps de ballet members in the Company for the last-year students.

Every morning, the students attend their academic classes in high school, and join the theatre in the afternoon. Training takes place every day from Monday to Saturday. At the end of the programme, students graduate from the School at the same time as they finish their high school education.

To be considered for the apprentice programme, candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Born between 2002 and 2003
  • Justify a high technical level in ballet
  • Be qualified for Danish high school programme (HF)
  • Be an EU citizen
  • Fluent in Danish

Application is made through the online form attached.  Based on the application, candidates will be invited to an audition on February 6th, 2019. Please see the calendar below for further information about the procedure.

For questions concerning the apprentice programme and audition, please contact the coordinator of the apprentice programme, Sandi Gjørtz Krog per e-mail:


Please open the application form using the link on this page.

Video requirements:

The video must contain bar and center with the following exercises: Plie, Tendu, Jeté, Rond de Jambes, Fondu, Frappé, Adagio and Grand Battement. Girls must add Pointe exercices with relevés.

The candidate must be filmed from the front, the back and the sides. Duration approx. 15 minutes. Please wear bright colours and hair arranged in a bun.

A link to this video must be included with the application form.

This is the full calendar of the audition process:

For applicants proceeding to step 3 “Visiting days February 19th and 20th 2019”, the applicant must submit a statement from the applicant’s present school. The statement is, together with a signed declaration of consent, a prerequisite for processing your application to be enrolled at The Royal Danish Ballet School.

Download the documents from the links below and submit them no later than February 18th 2019.

Note: The documents are currently only available in Danish.

Social and vocational statement for apprentice programme (Word document)

Declaration of consent (Word document)