Apprentice program registration


Due to the Danish visa regulations it is at the moment not possible for us to accepts international students except from the Nordic countries. We are working on a state approval for the apprentice programme for international students. However, it is a long process and will not be in place for the 2017/2018 season. This means, regretfully, that we will not be inviting international students for the audition – with the exceptions mentioned above.

Apprentice program registration

The apprentice programme is for students who were born between July 31st 1997 and July 31st 2001. The audition will take place on Wednesday December 7th 2016. You must reserve the entire day for the audition. It is necessary to have a high level of ballet technique in order to be considered for this audition.

The Royal Danish Ballet School started a new apprentice programme in the 2014/2015 season. The apprentice programme is a three-year-programme with academic education and ballet training. The ballet training takes place in the afternoon after school and on Saturdays. The apprentices train approximately 20 hours a week and participate in their own performances throughout the season. In the third year, they perform in the ballet productions with the Royal Danish Ballet. 

The academic education takes place at Falkonergårdens Gymnasium & HF ( and the programme is only offered in Danish. Foreign speaking apprentices will instead be offered intensive training in Danish with the possibility of continuing with electives in Danish afterwards.

To apply for the audition you must fill out the registration form. Along with the registration form, you must link to a website (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) with a video of you doing barre and center with the following exercises:

Plié, Tendu, Jeté, Rond de jambe, Fondu, Frappé, Adagio og Grand Battement

For girls: Point work with relevé.  

Filmed from the front, rear and side. Duration maximum 15 minutes.

You need to have the video ready when you fill out the registration form. In the video, you must be wearing ballet clothes in light colors and your hair away from your face. You will be able to participate in the audition if we find you eligible based on the video and information given in the registration form.

You have to register no later than November 1st 2016.

For questions concerning the apprentice programme and audition, please contact the head of the apprentice programme, Selene Bornati per e-mail: