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Terms Of Use


The Royal Danish Theatre
August Bournonvilles Passage 2-8
Postbox 2185
1017 København K
Email: admin@kglteater.dk
Phone: 33 69 69 33
CVR: 10 84 22 55


You can use Dankort, Visakort, Diners Club, Mastercard, VISA, JBS, American Express, Visa Elektron and Maestro to pay at kglteater.dk.

All communication of credit card data is encrypted, ensuring that internet transactions stay private and protected. Your credit card information is sent via DIBS to NETS, and The Royal Danish Theatre does not keep any credit card information. 

Purchase and delivery of tickets and gift certificate

When purchasing tickets you will be charged a service cost of DKK 15 per ticket.

These costs will not be charged when buying subscription tickets. The cost is non refundable.

When purchasing tickets online at kglteater.dk, you have two delivery options:


When purchasing tickets online at kglteater.dk, you have 2 delivery options:

1. Print@Home Tickets: If you buy Print At Home tickets, you will receive your ticket by e-mail after your online purchase. You can either choose to print your ticket and bring it to the performance or to show the ticket on your phone or tablet.

2. Shipping by PostNord: It is also possible to receive your tickets by mail (PostNord) after your purchase at kglteater.dk. This type of delivery costs DKK 40, which covers The Royal Danish Theatre's costs of printing, packaging and postage.

The Royal Danish Theatre delivers tickets to the entire world. The tickets will be sent to you as soon as possible, and you will normally receive them within 5 business days after your purchase. For tickets sent abroad (including Faroe Islands and Greenland), the expected delivery time is up to 14 days. The tickets are sent to the mail address you provided during your purchase. If you have not received your tickets within the specified time, please contact the Royal Theatre's Box Office at +45 33 69 69 69 or via billet@kglteater.dk. Then the lost ticket(s) will be canceled, and we will send you new tickets - of course with no cost for you.

You can also purchase a gift certificate at the ticket sales in the Opera house, the Playhouse and the Old Stage as well as in Café August B, Café and Restaurant Ofelia and KOST & MASK in the Opera house.

Further, it is possible to purchase a gift certificate to The Royal Danish Theatre through Gavekortet.dk where you have the same delivery options as mentioned above.

A gift certificate cannot be used to an event where The Royal Danish Theatre does not sell tickets.

All shipping costs are including VAT and tax.

Right of cancellation, exchange and obsolescence

There is no right of cancellation for purchased tickets. Online purchase of tickets is not subject to the right of cancellation under the Danish Consumer Protection Act, cf. section 18 paragraph 2, no. 12. Thus, you cannot receive a refund of your ticket.

If you regret your choice of day of play or performance, we offer a ticket exchange until the day of play. Exchange of your tickets can be for another day of play or to another performance, but not for a gift certificate or cash. There is a service cost of DKK 15 per new ticket (the cost will not be charged when buying tickets with subscription discount).

In order to exchange your tickets you must call The Royal Danish Theatre Box Office by phone at +45 33696969. The exchange of tickets can be completed by telephone in the Box Office's opening hours. Please note, the exchange cannot be done by letter or e-mail. Outside of the Box Office telephone hours exchanges can only be done in person at the Box Office at the stage of the performance until one hour before the performance. The box offices at The Royal Opera House, The Royal Playhouse and The Old Stage are only open on days with performances, from 2 hours prior to the performance.

Please note, there are different rules for exchange of tickets for The Royal Danish Theatre's outdoor performances: tickets for the theatre's outdoor performances can only be exchanged to the same performance and only to another day if there is available tickets. The exchange must be made within 3 business days before the performance and can only be made by telephone in the Box Office's opening hours. Please note, the exchange cannot be done by letter or e-mail. There is a service cost of DKK 15 per new ticket (the cost will not be charged on tickets with subscription discount).

Please note, if tickets are exchanges for seats with lower cost value excess amounts are set on account and are not refunded. Money on account can be used for new purchases.

When you have purchased a gift certificate you have a right of cancellation for 14 days. If you wish to use this right, you can fill out and submit this form to The Royal Danish Theatre.

A gift certificate is valid 3 years from the date of issue. The expiry date appears directly on the gift certificate or can be informed to you by contacting the theatre's Box Office per e-mail (billet@kglteater.dk) or phone (+45 33696969).

Tickets – nice to know

The barcode on the ticket is your personal access card to the performance. The ticket is only valid when the barcode is valid. Tickets that are cancelled due to loss or exchange to another date etc. are not valid. The barcode will only allow access to a given performance once. Thus, you cannot use a ticket several times or copy your ticket.

Illegal copying or illegal resale of tickets can lead to exclusion from the event. The Royal Danish Theatre is not responsible for problems due to illegal copying or resale of tickets.

Please note, in Denmark it is illegal to offer and/or resell tickets at a higher price than they originally cost (incl. costs).


If you have a ticket to a performance that is cancelled, you will receive a refund of the ticket price to your customer account if:

  • The performance is one of The Royal Danish Theatre's own performances.
  • The performance takes place indoors.
  • If the performance takes place outdoors, e.g. in the Deer Park (Dyrehaven), you will receive a refund of the ticket price if the cancellation occurs before the first break starts. If the cancellation occurs after the first break starts then your ticket will not be refunded.

Through your customer account you can use the refunded amount to purchase new tickets. If you instead want to have the amount refunded to your credit card or bank account, please contact the Royal Theatre's Box Office.

costs are non-refundable.

If an event by an external organizer at The Royal Danish Theatre's stages is cancelled, refunds of ticket price depends on the rules by the external organizers and is The Royal Danish Theatre irrelevant.


Any complaints relating to an event should be directed to admin@kglteater.dk. However, if you are unhappy with the purchase of tickets, please contact the theatre's Box Office at billet@kglteater.dk or by phone at +45 33696969.


The Royal Danish Theatre reserves the right to changes in prices, dates, repertoire, casting etc.

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