Emerson Moose

Emerson Moose

Corps de ballet

Born: 1995


Education: Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre, California, 2003-12, and the Kirov Academy of Ballet, Washington, D.C., 2012-16

Career: Joined the Royal Danish Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet in 2016

Highlights from the repertoire of the Royal Danish Ballet: The Pas de Sept from A Folk Tale (August Bournonville), Queen of Spades (Liam Scarlett), Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier), Carmen (Marcos Morau), Vertical Road (Akram Khan), Symphony of Psalms (Jiří Kylián) and Diamonds – Jewels, Theme and Variations and The Nutcracker (George Balanchine) 


What was the first ballet you saw?
The first ballet I saw was The Nutcracker. I was seven, and not only did I love the majestic dancing but I also loved the warmth and magic of the theatre.

Why do you dance? 
I cannot remember my life without dance. It is, I believe, why I was put on this earth. Dance requires an incredible amount of self-awareness, and a constant evolution of self. When I practice in the studio every day I am not only working on my dancing, but I am also working on myself as a human. Being in a theatre and also connecting with music are major factors in why I dance. A theatre has always been like a church for me, and my days are never complete without having heard a piece of music.

Why is ballet still relevant today?
Ballet as an art form is incredibly complex. Because it is a performing art, every show is different and the special moments of spontaneity are always fleeting. Ballet is a perfect example of what we should be striving for in life, to live every moment as if it was the last. This is something I think we as a society take for granted: living in the moment. People who come to the theatre are the lucky ones who experience first hand the instinctual moments of our kinetic art form.

What is so special about the Royal Danish Ballet?
The humanity.

What is your favorite step from class? 
Adagio in the center, because of the beautiful music.

Who is your roomie at the theatre? 
I share a dressing room with Mattia Santini. We always like chatting and listening to music while we do our makeup before a show.

Where can we find you on a day off? 
At one of the many delicious brunch spots in Copenhagen.

What is your favorite food? 
The chocolate scones from Holm Bakery.

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