Kizzy Matiakis

Kizzy Matiakis

Principal dancer

Born: 1981

Nationality: English

Education: Trained with Leo Kersley and at The Central School of Ballet in London 

Previous companies: The Royal Swedish Ballet, 2000-03

Career: Joined the Royal Danish Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet in 2003. Promoted to soloist in 2008 and to principal dancer in 2016

Highlights from the repertoire with the Royal Danish Ballet: Aurora in Sleeping Beauty (Christopher Wheeldon), Odette/Odile in Swan Lake (Nikolaj Hübbe and Silja Schandorff), Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker (George Balanchine), Frøken Birthe in A Folk Tale (August Bournonville), Myrtha in Giselle (Nikolaj Hübbe and Silja Schandorff), Lead Ballerina in Le Conservatoire (August Bournonville), Prudence Duvernoy in Lady of The Camillias (John Neumeier), Lead Ballerina in Emeralds (George Balanchine), Lead Ballerina in Symphony in C (George Balanchine), The Queen in The Cage (Jerome Robbins) and Dark Angel in Serenade (George Balanchine) 

Creations: The Countess in Queen of Spades by Liam Scarlett, 2018, Madame du Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons by Cathy Marston, 2017, and lead in The Death That Best Preserves by Natalia Horecna, 2015. Also created roles in ballets by John Neumeier, Christopher Wheeldon, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Jorma Elo, Tim Rushton, Kim Brandstrup, Jacopo Godani, Louise Midjord, Tim Matiakis, Esther Lee Wilkinson, Gregory Dean and Oliver Starpov


I have a quote, that I would like to share, from the choreographer Crystal Pite that resonates with me on a profound level: 

You are dancers, all of you. Life moves you; life dances you. To dance is to investigate and celebrate the experience of being alive. Like life, a dance creates and destroys itself in every moment. Like love, it is beyond reason. Ephemeral as breath, concrete as bone, dance is made of you. You sculpt space. You write with your body in a wordless language that is deeply understood. You grace the space within and around you when you dance. Force, trajectory, inertia, and recovery: dancing is a ride, a duet between your instinct and imagination. To dance is to heighten your experience of the present moment. Your body is your location – when you dance, you are profoundly engaged in being there. To dance is to feel the resonance of your life, to delight in your existence. To be human is to be danced by experience, energy and emotion.
Crystal Pite

Productions in season 2020/21