Matteo Di Loreto

Matteo Di Loreto

Born: 29-04-1992

Nationality: Italian

Education: Studied at Cannes Rosella Hightower, Cannes (2009-2010) and at The English National Ballet School, London (2010-2012)

Career: In 2014 he joined the Royal Danish Ballet as Corps de Ballet.

Other engagements: Matteo Di Loreto has performed in: Manon (K. McMillan): 5 Gentlemen, 3 Gents Dance (soloist), Soldiers. Swan Lake: Valse 1Act, Spanish Dance. Rosalinde (Hynd): Guys in Frack, 3 Hungarians (soloist). -Nutcracker (B. Stevenson): Spanish dance, Toy Doll 1Act, Soldiers, Parents. -Bayadere: Drum dance, Fakirs, Soldiers, Pas d’action. -Coppelia: Mazurka, Tcharda. -Snow White: Corps de ballet. .Symbiont(s) (Wayne McGregor). Cinderella: 3 Prince’s friends, Clocks. Vocaes Intimaes (R. Binet): Covered. Nutcracker (W. Eagling) with English National Ballet Company (as student) at London Coliseum: Walzer of Flowers, Soldiers, Skaters (acting). Don Quixote (Cynthia Harvey after M. Baryshnikov): Basilio (Grand pas de deux) Basilio’s friends, Espada. Invisible Tracks (Contemporary piece by Cameron McMillan). Sleeping Beauty for the touring company English National Ballet2 (Matthew Hart after K.McMillan): Prince Desiré, Blue Bird Pas de deux, Wolf 3Act, King.