Nathan Compiano

Nathan Compiano

Corps de ballet

Born: 1998

Nationality: American

Education: Started dancing at the age of four at a local ballet school in North Carolina, School of American Ballet, New York, 2013-17 

Career: Joined the Royal Danish Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet in 2017

Awards: Jerome Robbins Scholarship, 2013-17


What was the first ballet you saw? 
When I was four years old, I saw The Nutcracker for the first time. Afterwards I couldn’t stop dancing around the house. Which led to my mom asking me if I wanted to start ballet lessons. Eventually I fell totally in love with it.

Why do you dance?
When I think about dance, I think about all of the other facets of art as well. Each dance should be an experience for both the spectators and the performers. I dance because I love to learn, and by dancing I learn how one must create. Someday I want to create my own facet of art.

Why do you think that ballet is relevant today? 
Ballet is beautiful, that is why it is relevant today. Beauty and Classicism are timeless.