Rent our venues

Rent our venues

The Royal Danish Theatre is a place of creative inspiration, artistic expression, and living history. Here you will find unique settings and offerings that promise your guests an outstanding experience.

The Royal Danish Theatre consists of three venues – The Old Stage, which is located by Kongens Nytorv, The Opera House, and The Royal Danish Playhouse, which is situated at the end of Nyhavn Canal. Each with a unique history and profile, these three royal venues offer a wealth of options to add a memorable touch to your event. With the Baroque interiors of The Old Stage, the skybridging foyer of The Royal Danish Playhouse and the spectacular setting of The Opera House, The Royal Danish Theatre offers very unique locations for your events.

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The Opera House

The landmark architecture of The Opera House offers the perfect setting for exclusive events. With its transparent grand foyer, panoramic views, sculpted maple wood interiors and artist Olafur Eliasson's magnificent light sculptures, the location is ideal for conferences, large receptions and banquets.

With its intimate and flexible performance space, the small stage at The Opera House, Takkelloftet, is perfectly suited for small conferences, day meetings and private dinners. The stage has its own exterior entrance and a bright, high-ceilinged lobby with decorations by artist Tal R. Here you can host events with views to the historic surroundings.

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The Playhouse

The Royal Danish Playhouse is abuzz from early morning till late evening. At one end of the skybridging lobby you find Café & Restaurant Ofelia, which welcomes you with lunch and dinner menus. The cuisine is classic French with inspiration from our Nordic roots and with a clear preference for prime seasonal produce. The other end of the foyer is suitable for informal events, such as standing receptions or small intimate concerts.

The Royal Danish Playhouse has two lounges, designed by Peter Holst Henckel and John Kørner respectively. With their unique décor and central location they are particularly suitable for day meetings, private pre-performance dinners and exclusive intermission servings.
For larger events, we offer the opportunity to rent the stages at the Playhouse, which seat 100, 220 and 650 persons respectively.

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The Old Stage

The baroque interiors at The Old Stage with their gilt putti, magnificent frescoed ceilings and lavish crystal chandeliers create a grand historic setting for all kinds of events.
Host your conference or reception in the magnificent gallery foyer overlooking the square, Kongens Nytorv. Or enjoy a private dinner at the old Holberg Foyer featuring vivid set decorations by theatre painter Svend Johansen.

You can also rent the entire Old Stage for large general meetings, conferences or corporate events with room for up to 1,400 guests.

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