Restaurant KOST & MASK

Restaurant KOST & MASK

Bojesen restaurant i Operaen

At the top of the Opera House lies Restaurant KOST & MASK, which is inspired by the theatrical term for the final dress rehearsal, where the entire ensemble is present in costume and makeup.

We serve food that unites taste, beauty, health and organic awareness. In Restaurant KOST & MASK all courses are served together, arranged on a platter with five dishes. The menu is based on cold servings.

Add our selection of wines to your meal, by the glass or bottle.

KOST & MASK is operated by Meyers.


Chicken terrine
Cream with Madagascar pepper - pickled onion - chicken skin - herbs

PocheD ling fillet
Pommes Anna with truffle and Jerusalem artichokes - carrot purée - kale - beurre blanc

Gammel knas (Havarti cheese) - fruit bread - black tea - herbs

Cream Pudding
Salted caramel - nuts - sour apples

Opening hours and booking


You can book a table online through Dinnerbooking here.

Gift cards can be used at both the restaurant, the cafe and in the bars - the gift card can be purchased at the Opera's Ticket Center.


The Opera House
Ekvipagemestervej 10
1438 København K

Phone: +45 41 53 20 91 | Weekdays 9.00 – 16.00