Dans2Go - Swan Lake


Swan Lake
White Adagio

In Life & Love & So On
A Choreographic Concert

Presented by Corpus

Dans2Go offers world-class ballet at wallet-friendly ticket rates. The programme this year includes ultimate classics as well as new, experimental productions that will excite and inspire ballet buffs and tenderfoot audiences alike. 

Swan Lake is one of the most moving works in ballet history and this year’s Dans2Goprogram includes the legendary White Adagio, which features everything you associate with classical ballet: An endless stream of ballerinas in white tutus, mesmeric music by Tchaikovsky and a string of choreographic highlights. In Silja Schandorff and Nikolaj Hübbe’s new rendition with extravagant costumes by Mia Stensgaard, the ballet will pluck every chord of passion in the famous story of tragic love between a prince and an enchanted swan.

Tilman O'Donnell is an exciting choreographer with an inspiring imagination and a highly interesting approach to artistic creation. His past experience as a dancer in the Forsythe Company has shaped his career as a choreographer. For Dans2Go he pulls a radical programme from his sleeve, and Corpus looks forward to presenting this new work, which sets out to challenge the dancers, audiences and the very concept of what can be performed at the Old Stage.

The Royal Danish Theatre wishes to thank the A. P. Møller Foundation for the generous funding that has enabled the staging of Swan Lake.

Swan Lake

– the white act

Choreography: Silja Schandorff and Nikolaj Hübbe, after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov
Music: Pjotr Tjajkovskij
Set, video design and video programming: Mikki Kunttu
Costumes: Mia Stensgaard
Video graphics: Greenwall Designs AB/David Nordström & Viktor Rundlöf

Conductor: Jakob Hultberg
Det Kongelige Kapel

In Life & Love & So On
A Choreographic Concert

– presented by af Corpus

Concept and staging: Tilman O'Donnell
Film: T.M. Rives
Text: Alain Badiou og Tilman O'Donnell
Musical arrangement: Mikkel Ploug
Set and costumes: Tilman O'Donnell
Sound design: Johannes Helberger and Maurice Mersinger/kling klang klong
Light design: Thomas Bek Jensen and Tilman O'Donnell

Guitarist: Mikkel Ploug/Anders Holst


Swan Lake

J'aime Crandall (22.10, 05.11, 19.11)
Ida Praetorius (27.10, 06.11, 27.11)
Kizzy Matiakis (29.10, 11.11, 18.11)
Holly Jean Dorger (03.11)

The Prince:
Jonathan Chmelensky (22.10)
Marcin Kupiñski (27.10, 06.11, 27.11)
Gregory Dean  (29.10, 11.11, 18.11)
Alban Lendorf (05.11, 19.11)

In Life & Love & So On

Conductor: Esther Lee Wilkinson / Tilman O'Donnell

Men: Magnus Christoffersen, Sebastian Haynes, Andreas Kaas, Sebastian Kloborg, Matteo Di Loreto, Tim Matiakis, Tobias Praetorius, Liam Redhead, Samuel Rees, Oliver Marcus Starpov, Bryant Steenstra, Alexander Stæger

Women: Josephine Berggreen, J'aime Crandall, Astrid Elbo, Viktoria Falck Schmidt, Kaledora Fontana, Stephanie Chen Gundorph, Hilary Guswiler, Camilla Ruelykke Holst, Ji Min Hong, Emma Håkansson, Birgitta Lawrence, Alba Nadal, Stephanie Sahlgren, Alexandra Lo Sardo, Beila Ungar, Esther Lee Wilkinson, Louise Østergaard

Cast is subject to change