The Horizon


This production is no longer available - see our current repertoire here.

Five-time Reumert Award winner Catherine Poher pays tribute to a beautiful yet cruel world in the season’s opening performance.

Life is all around us, but do we notice it? From the fundamental laws of nature to the sweep of poetry, The Horizon embraces that which we do not always see – the pure gaze and the wondrous feeling we get when we are truly able to see the world around us.

In The Horizon, a total of 22 performers from the worlds of classical ballet and modern dance, the circus, opera, physical and classical theatre will take to the stage. Dance, song, acting, music and visual effects will unite before a host of impressive backdrops from the Royal Danish Theatre’s historical repertoire. The production marks the first joint staging in many years by the Royal Danish Ballet, the Royal Danish Opera, and the Royal Danish Theatre’s Drama Department.

Art photographer Per Bak Jensen and physicist/poet Salim Abdali contribute to this artistic quest from their respective corners of the world. Carina Persson creates the lighting, and Paolo Cadona the shadows in Rikke Juellund’s set design for a performance set to music by Jenno.

In 2010, Catherine Poher staged the popular success På den anden side at the Royal Danish Theatre. She is recognised for her poetic and visual theatrical idiom that appeals across generations, invested with sensual presence, pure aesthetics, existential pondering and liberating humour. 

The Horizon is a co-production with Aaben Dans in Roskilde

Expected duration: 3 hour(s)

without interval

11.09.2015 - 10.10.2015