By Richard Wagner

This production is no longer available - see our current repertoire here.

A bleak, grey concrete bunker is home to a secluded society. Outside the protective walls, war threatens to break down the door.

Deep down in the bunker the young, lonely Elsa clings to the belief that there is an alternative to war and strife. Her younger brother has disappeared, and everyone thinks she killed him. When Elsa is alone she dreams of a world where peace prevails. There she meets a man who believes as she does that there is a way to live without war.

The two fall in love and plan to wed. But as the celebration approaches, Elsa is plagued

by doubt. She has vowed never to ask for her lover’s name, but eventually she gives in and pays dearly for her curiosity.

Lohengrin is staged by the young director Nicola Raab, celebrated for her Reumert Award-winning staging of Verdi’s Otello at the Royal Danish Theatre. In the demanding role as Lohengrin audiences can look forward to experiencing German star singer Burkhard Fritz, one of the world’s most in-demand dramatic tenors. American bass singer Steven Humes lends his voice to the role of Heinrich.

Lohengrin is performed in German with Danish supertitles.

Expected duration: 4 hours and 40 minutes

without interval

22.01.2016 - 13.03.2016


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