Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons
(Les Liaisons dangereuses)

From sexual repression to decadent excesses. Dangerous Liaisons is a horrifying tale of sparkling innocence, malicious gossip, deliberate lies and sordid adultery

The two former lovers Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont are experts in the art of seduction. In their erotic quest for affirmation, they toy with those around them with cold cynicism. Innocent hearts are crushed by their unscrupulous pastime, and they leave behind them a spider’s web of lies. But their little game soon gets out of control.

Dangerous Liaisons is one of the classics of world literature. The epistolary novel by French author Pierre Choderlos de Laclos caused a great scandal when it was published anonymously in 1782. And in 1988, the cinematic version of the tale, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich, brought the joyously chilling story into the minds and hearts of many.

Experience Dangerous Liaisons as a ballet, when English choreographer Cathy Marston provides the fatal tale with modern style and razor-sharp storytelling. Previously, Marston has created The Elephant Man and Lolita for the Summer Ballet at Bellevue Theatre. In addition to dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet, Dangerous Liaisons will also feature actors Marie Dalsgaard and Mads Rømer Brolin-Tani from the Royal Danish Theatre Drama Department’s ensemble.

kr. 95 kr.-475 kr.

Expected duration: 2 hour(s)

incl. 1 interval



The Royal Danish Playhouse, Main Stage

27.05.2017 - 03.06.2017

Koreografi: Cathy Marston

Iscenesættelse: Cathy Marston

Musik: Jesper Mechlenburg

Scenografi og kostumer: Steffen Aarfing

Lysdesign: Anders Poll

Lyddesign: Jonas Vest

Dramaturgi: Edward Kemp

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