Hübberiet 2

Hübberiet 2

Dear audience,

This evening is a playground, a laboratory, a room for spontaneity and ill-considered actions – an opportunity to take up hot-topic issues and invite both new friends and old playmates on stage. Indeed, there may be unexpected incidents and unauthorised utterances. So if you like what you see then we would love to hear from you again – if not,we’ll see you at the bar!

Welcome to Hübberiet!

Nikolaj Hübbe,
Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Ballet

This production is no longer available - see our current repertoire here.

For the seventh consecutive year, Artistic Director Nikolaj Hübbe invites you to invade the plush red seats for an intimate and entertaining evening

Three times over the course of the season, audiences and a number of inspiring guests are invited to enjoy free play. Topical artists, thinkers, scientists and others engage in the world of ballet, which will include highlight excerpts from performances by the Royal Danish Ballet as well as new small works created especially for the evening. You never quite know what you are in for with Hübberiet – but it’s never a drag.

The evening is hosted by Nikolaj Hübbe and embraces life’s great and small issues with loving care and with a few added titbits from the Royal Danish Ballet repertoire, hot-topic talks and a little surprise or two.

Artistic Director Nikolaj Hübbe is a former principal dancer at both the Royal Danish Ballet and the New York City Ballet. In addition, he is a choreographer, stage director, a judge in the Danish version of the TV series Dancing with the Stars as well as one of the most prominent cultural figures in Denmark.

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