People, Places and Things

People, Places and Things

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After suffering an overdose, the promising young actress Emma is admitted to rehab. New English drama driven by pitch-black humour

In the midst of her hallucinations, Emma is to learn to re-evaluate her self-image. But just how do you become drug-free when stimulants and escapism feel like the only lifeline to surviving in the world?

Emma begins her rehab program, which includes learning to avoid people, places and things that can trigger a craving for stimulants. But is this possible? And what’s the point of trying to lead a sober life if living still seems pointless?

People, Places and Things is an intelligent new British play driven by pitch-black humour about abuse, role-play and a lack of self-awareness. The staging in London enjoyed great success and the play will now premiere in Denmark. Duncan Macmillan is one of England’s most successful and acclaimed playwrights, and his work is performed throughout Europe and the United States.

With the play, actress Johanne Louise Schmidt and director Rune David Grue once again lend their talents to portraying a complex female character, as they did during the 2014/15 season with the acclaimed performance Hedda Gabler at the Red Room.

Performances are in Danish.

Expected duration: 2 hours and 35 minutes

incl. 1 interval

30.09.2016 - 30.11.2016