New German drama by Ferdinand von Schirach

Terror focuses on the greatest fear and threat to society of our time. There is no easy solution – and along with the other audience members you must help define one

A terrorist hijacks a Danish airliner and aims for the national soccer stadium in Copenhagen where 38,000 spectators are attending a match. Two fighter jets are deployed to stop the hijacked aircraft and one fighter pilot opts to shoot the aircraft down, sending 150 passengers to their deaths.

We are in a courtroom. The fighter pilot is accused of killing 150 innocent people. But where are the military and the government? And what about those who have lost loved ones? Guided by a clear-sighted lawyer, the complex dilemmas are slowly unveiled. You as a member of the audience must decide whether the pilot should be acquitted or convicted. Your verdict may establish the outcome of the trial, the pilot’s fate and the play’s ending.

As the grandson of the convicted Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach, German writer and lawyer Ferdinand von Schirach has had to grapple with questions of guilt and punishment. Terror marks his debut as a playwright. In the German-speaking world, the play spread like wildfire and is set to be staged at no fewer than 33 theatres by 2017. Therese Willstedt will from this season be an in-house director at the Royal Danish Theatre where she will also stage Twelfth Night, or What You Will.

Performances are in Danish.

The Royal Danish Theatre wishes to thank the Goethe Institute for their generous support for the performance.

Expected duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

incl. 1 interval

21.04.2017 - 02.06.2017