We don’t believe that climate change, overpopulation, and consumerism can continue.

We cannot continue screaming more, louder, faster, growth, growth, growth. What if, we are the ones who cannot live with it anymore. The ones who do not want to anymore. The ones who want a new reality. A new reality that we can believe in.

We believe in the revolution. A radical transformation of everything.

With THE VAMPIRE REVOLUTION Sort/Hvid and The Royal Ballet’s Corpus make revolution. Starting from the story of rebellious, young people and corny vampires THE VAMPIRE REVOLUTION investigates whether a revolution is actually possible. Does revolution really exist or has it turned into a cliché? Has the revolution’s left-winged rhetoric lost its power, been sucked dry of blood and spit out as empty mainstream?

THE VAMPIRE REVOLUTION is a collaboration between Sort/Hvid, Aarhus Teater and Corpus – a new dance company at The Royal Ballet, which consists of six dancers and is directed by dancer and choreographer Tim Matiakis.

The collaboration between Christian Lollike and choreographer Tim Matiakis has previously resulted in the critically acclaimed performances I FØLING about the Danish soldiers in Afghanistan and UROPA about humans’ flight and the asylum crisis.

Note! The performance will be in English.

Expected duration: 1 hours and 5 minutes

without interval

27.01.2018 - 10.02.2018

What is Corpus?

Corpus is a current dance company and an autonomous part of The Royal Danish Ballet. Our ambition is to help shape the future of dance by presenting performances and events where the physical potential is in focus. Visit us in A-salen behind the Old Stage – an openhearted space for the curious where the experience is yours, the bar is cheap and you are warmly welcome!