Presenting a new piece by Nikolaj Hübbe

Dans2Go gives you an opportunity to experience world-class ballet at an affordable price. This season’s program includes both the neo-classical and the very new.

Dans2Go offers an ample opportunity to have your senses awakened. There is something, which caters to the lover of dance while giving those, who have never experienced ballet before, an opportunity to begin their journey.

The program begins with a newly created piece, choreographed especially for Dans2Go by artistic director Nikolaj Hübbe.

For his powerful and sensual ballet Vertical Road, the amazing, Bangladesh choreography and dancer Akram Khan was inspired by the Islamic mysticism, Sufism, and by the Persian poet and philosopher Rumi. Vertical Road is an exploration of nature, rituals and the consequences of human actions.

George Balanchine is one of the all-time greatest choreographers of the 20th century and the creator of the neoclassical ballet. He choreographed more than 400 pieces and created a school, a style of dance and one of the worlds finest ballet companies, the New York City Ballet. His Tchaikovsky Pas de deux from 1960 is a true gem and a showpiece of musicality and virtuosity.

Expected duration: 2 hour(s)

incl. 1 interval

24.10.2017 - 09.03.2018