Hübberiet 1

Hübberiet 1

Dear audience,

This evening will be a playground, a laboratory, a room for spontaneity and unplanned actions. It provides the possibility to debate current affairs and invite friends new and old to the stage. There may therefore very well occur unexpected events and unauthorised language – this we cannot change. And that is a good thing.

Welcome to Hübberiet.
Nikolaj Hübbe, artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet

Well met for an evening or two of unpredictable, entertaining and intimate evenings in the red velvet seats of the Royal Danish Theatre’s Old Stage. Artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet, Nikolaj Hübbe will take to the stage and present a delightful mix of mirth, matter and mirthful matter.

Nikolaj Hübbe is a versatile gentleman – one of our generation’s greatest solo dancers with a glorious career both at home and abroad, a highly respected choreographer and stage director, a tough but fair judge in the Danish version of the TV-program Dancing with the Stars and – as of this season – an artistic director who can celebrate his 10th anniversary at the Royal Danish Ballet.

Hübberiet has become a staple in the repertoire, and its followers increase in number every year, so you have to be quick if you want to join the fun.

Each show has its own theme, which Hübbe shines a light on from all possible angles with guests from near and far who are part of the current events – artists, commentators, scientists and the like. The whole event is spiced up by performances by members of the Royal Danish Ballet.

What the specific theme will be for each evening cannot be revealed at present. Keep an eye on our website kglteater.dk/ballet.

Expected duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes

incl. 1 interval