Silk & Knife 2

Silk & Knife 2

Af: Jiří Kylián

Rarely have we experienced a reaction as ecstatic as when Jiří Kylián’s Silk & Knife flew across the stage in 2007.

And rarely has the Royal Danish Theatre received so many audience requests for another Kylián-performance. Now, a decade later, we will grant the many requests and hereby proudly and with great anticipation present Silk & Knife 2. As Kylián will be turning 70 in 2017, we will make this production a celebration of his artistic career as well as a celebration of his birthday.

Jiří Kylián is one-of-a-kind and without a doubt one of the greatest choreographers of our time – a beacon in the international world of dance. He uses the abstract world of dance to explore the depths of the human soul. The steps and the dance flow between reality and imagination, brutality and beauty with a rare sensuality and originality.

Silk & Knife 2 consists of four ballets, which when performed together, give a broad insight into Kylián’s choreographic work. The four ballets are 27’52”, Falling Angels, Sarabande and Symphony of Psalms. 27’52” is a dark piece about the barbaric beauty of human entanglements, Falling Angels and Sarabande juxtapose each other as a tribute to the female and male dancer respectively, while Symphony of Psalms is both hypnotic and spiritual. 

Expected duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes

incl. 2 intervals

30.09.2017 - 25.05.2018