Swan Lake

Swan Lake

Swan Lake has been called the world’s most moving ballet and it can still spellbind an audience.

The swan is one of the most elegant animals of the animal kingdom, and it was a stroke of genius when, in the late 1800s, someone thought of letting female ballet dancers use their long limbs and flexible curves to bring to life the swans of Swan lake.

The ballet is now more than 100 years old, but it will never go out of fashion. The young, ever searching prince Siegfried falls in love with the loveliest, white swan princess, Odette, but he allows himself to be led astray by her black counterpart, Odile. One is purity and poetry the other is seduction and depravity. It is a drama of passion about the struggle between the powers of light and dark, between good and evil, love and hate.

Silja Schandorff and Nikolaj Hübbe have created the choreography to Pjotr Tchaikovsky’s immortal music, Mikki Kunttu has created a minimalistic and futuristic lighting design akin to the darkest of science fiction, and Mia Stensgaard has created the lavish costumes.

We wish to thank A.P. Møller Foundation (A.P. Møller
og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal) for the generosity, which has made the production of Swan Lake possible.

Expected duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

incl. 1 interval

10.02.2018 - 03.06.2018

Danse des Coupes



Pas de deux