By: Christian Lollike
Art: Drama
Venue: The Royal Playhouse
Premiere: 16/03 2018

A second of opportunity – recreated on stage in a musical poem.

In 2018 it is 50 years since youths across the world started making demands on life. Some rebelled and created rock music, and for a brief second, when Jim Morrison broke on through to the other side, it seemed that another way of life was within reach.

Whether it is in a beat song or with a brick in his hand, the revolutionary shouts: “We are not and we will not be part of this world, which we have died into, we want another world, where there is room for what is inside of us.”

– Ole Vind in the rebellious magazine SUPERLOVE

68 invites us on a journey into the utopic dreams of the counterculture rebels of 1968 – the positive and the negative. Can they perhaps make us take an extra look at the reality we live in now? And can they spark the imagination, which we need to throw ourselves into a new world once again? The old utopic dreams and manifests have been placed in the hands of stage director Christian Lollike, who will twist and turn their words and music until the are bursting with ferocious abandon and desperation.

Christian Lollike has previously created the war-ballet IN CONTACT, which was awarded the Danish Reumert Award for Best Dance Performance of the year. He also wrote and produced the play Fremtidens historie (The History of the Future) and written Kagefabrikken (The Cake Factory) for Det Røde rum in 2013. In 2016, Lollike received the award Teaterpokalen for his play Living Dead, which he wrote and produced at the theatre

Sort/Hvid. In 2017 he directed the huge success Erasmus Montanus by Holberg at Aarhus Teater.

Expected duration: 1 hours and 40 minutes

without interval

16.03.2018 - 23.05.2018