Masquerade - tour



By Ludvig Holberg and directed by one of Germany's most popular and award winning stage directors, Herbert Fritsch

“I cannot possibly stay away from the masquerade this evening!” - Leander

The classic tale of the clash of two generations, where young love challenges the arranged marriages planned by the older generation. At the masquerade ball two hearts are set aflame resulting in disarray and disorder. Everyone wants to go: The young Leander and Leonora, their servants Henrik and Pernille, and Magdelone – Leander’s mother. Only Leander’s father, Jeronimus, stubbornly insists that the masquerades are a place of immorality run rampant and the Devil’s work.

A Danish national treasure in the hands of German director Herbert Fritsch, in whose hands the classic comedy is mixed with elements of slapstick, playful and challenging improvisations and acrobatic inputs. A modern version along the lines of the Marx Brothers or Charlie Chaplin in outer space.

Fritsch' universe is always one of playfulness, and his productions in the German theatres are box-office hits. His interpretation of The Spanish Fly visited the Royal Danish Theatre in 2014.

Expected duration: 2 hour(s)

incl. 1 interval

08.01.2018 - 21.01.2018