Miss Julie

Miss Julie

By: August Strindberg

Miss Julie allows herself to be seduced by the manservant Jean in the Count’s kitchen on Midsummer’s Eve – and Night. Before the new day dawns, their erotic games have had catastrophic consequences.

Throughout this Midsummer’s Night, the kitchen maid Kristin, Jean’s fiancée, bears witness to the shameless flirtations with disgust, as everything seems to tumble around her – the ruling and the working class, vulnerability and brutality, dreams and disillusions.

When Miss Julie was first published in 1888, it’s words were so unseemly, so scandalous and politically incorrect that it could not be played in Sweden, and the censors prohibited its showing in Denmark only shortly before its opening night. Today it is Strindberg’s most famous play, continuing to question the power-relationships of class, gender, sex and power.

The internationally acclaimed partnership of Staffan Valdemar Holm and Bente Lykke Møller made their first impression on the international stage with a landmark production of Miss Julie 25 years ago. Now they return with a new production, where Jean is significantly older than the young Julie. The social gap between them is huge. She wants to fall, he wants to climb. Let the Midsummer celebrations commence…

Expected duration: 1 hours and 35 minutes

without interval

15.09.2017 - 24.01.2018