Red Serpent

Red Serpent

– Spectacular Viking saga at Ulvedalene


by Henrik Szklany based on the novel by Frans G. Bengtsson

Raids, battles, gods and myths. Get close to the Viking Age with the whole family when this all-time greatest Viking adventure is staged for children and adults alike

The drama is a heroic tale of the young Viking chieftain Red Serpent, who is whirled into religious and secular strife. He is one of Danish King Harald’s most loyal men – but unfortunately also the worst enemy of royal heir Sven Forkbeard. Amidst a tangle of power struggles and swashbuckling swords, the Red Serpent is forced to wager life and limb for his courtship with the princess. The Viking epic is full of tongue-in-cheek machismo and unshakable bonding, reminiscent of such epic dramas as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.

Red Serpent is based on Frans G. Bengtsson’s classic novel of the same title. With Red Serpent, the Royal Danish Theatre stages its first open-air production outside Greater Copenhagen. The rolling hillscapes around Moesgaard Museum is the setting for this adventure as well as a wide range of extraordinary activities throughout the performance period that dig deep into Viking history.

Performances are in Danish. Recommended from the age of 7.

Presale opens May 10th 2017.

kr. 125 kr.-575 kr.

Expected duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

incl. 1 interval



23.05.2018 - 30.06.2018

Iscenesættelse: Frede Gulbrandsen

Scenografi: Eilev Skinnarmo

Kostumedesign: Maria Gyllenhoff

Lysdesign: Thorsten Dahn

Dramatiker: Henrik Szklany

Koreografi: Tine Salling

Kampkoreografi: Søren Poppel