Stand firm

Stand firm

By Kamilla Wargo Brekling adapted from the books of Danish professor of psychology Svend Brinkmann

If you have to stand firm and not be always flexible, what is worth standing firm on? Director Kamilla Wargo Brekling and her team of actors stand on the shoulders of Svend Brinkmann to take a look at the age we are living in.

How can we turn self-awareness into awareness for others, make sense of the meaningless, and acknowledge that death is a part of life? With Stand Firm,Kamilla Wargo Brekling invites us to experience a theatrical performance about standing still – not walking away, about us – not you.

Set your inner pessimist free, cancel your personal coach and go for a walk in the woods – or take a trip to the theatre. In his succesfull book, Stand Firm, Svend Brinkmann, with a humourous air, challenges our need for constant change. And in his follow-up to this first success, he discusses, what he thinks is worth standing firm for. He thus re-invents old ideals of the good, the dignified, the promise, the self, truth, responsibility, love, forgiveness, freedom and death.

With her signature way of working, Kamilla Wargo Brekling has directed several critically acclaimed productions. 

Expected duration: 1 hours and 30 minutes

without interval

25.01.2018 - 29.05.2018

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