The Kingdom


The Kingdom


By: Lars Von Trier
Art: Drama
Venue: The Royal Playhouse
Premiere: 20/04 2018

The gate to the Kingdom has started to re-open.

Strange and mysterious things are happening at The Kingdom – Denmark’s largest hospital. Since the hospital was built, doctors have tried to use science to do away with old superstitions – but there are forces that cannot be held back.

While the medical director of the hospital, Moesgaard, with his “Operation Morning Air” is trying – to no avail – to enhance the lines of communication at the hospital, the spiritualistic Mrs. Drysse keeps hearing the sound of a crying girl in the elevator shaft of the hospital.

At night, a ghost ambulance stops at the entrance of the hospital only to disappear again, and a young doctor’s foetus is developing much too fast.

The Swedish chief resident, Stig Hjelmer, is trying fiercely to avoid anyone noticing his botched operation of the now brain damaged girl, Mona, while raging against the Danes in general - “Danish devils!”

The award-winning TV-series The Kingdom from 1994 will for the first time appear on a Danish stage. Back in 1994 it wowed the Danes with its mix of comedy, classic ghost story, horror, laughter and sheer creepiness.

Dear audience. If you are drawn to The Kingdom, please be prepared to accept all things good with all things evil.

Expected duration: 3 hours and 10 minutes

incl. 1 interval

20.04.2018 - 08.06.2018