With snow - Tour

With snow
(Med sne)


New Danish drama by Thomas Bendixen

Embark on a visual and sensual theatrical journey into dementia

How do people suffering from dementia experience the world? How do the families cope with the chaos that ensues from such a condition? Med sne embraces life at its hardest.

A father, a son, a daughter, a neurologist. A father is diagnosed with dementia and is cast into the totally unknown, while his children become powerless witnesses to his demise.

In his struggle to remain the person he once was he encounters ever-growing obstacles, all while his life is taken over by the new reality of the disease.

Henning Jensen plays the father, who barely understands the fact that he is ill. The children are played by Maria Rossing and Peter Christoffersen. Kirsten Olesen plays the neurologist, who invites the audience on a journey into the demented mind.

Director Thomas Bendixen has written and staged Med sne based on his personal experience with dementia. He is acclaimed for his focused staging of such classics as Erasmus Montanus, The Father, The Wild Duck, The Miser and The Misanthrope, all at the Main Stage. With Med sne he returns to his roots as a modern dancer to create a visually and poetically engaging performance.

Performances are in Danish.

Expected duration: 1 hours and 30 minutes

without interval

06.11.2017 - 09.12.2017