Momo and the Time-Thieves


Momo and the Time-Thieves 

By: Svitlana Azarova after Michael Endes novel
Art: Opera
Venue: The Opera House
Premiere: 15/10 2017

A magical new Danish opera for the whole family.

One day a strange little girl appears in a quiet little town. Her name is Momo and she is alone in the world. The townspeople soon discover that there is something special about Momo: She does not say a great deal, but when she listens, the most beautiful music starts to play and everyone, who is angry or sad, becomes happy again.

Soon, however, strange things start to happen all over town. Strange grey men appear and as more and more arrive, the adults of the town seem to have less and less time on their hands. Momo discovers that the Grey Men are stealing the townspeople’s time, and that she is the only one who can see them. She decides to take on the Grey Men and soon receives help from an unexpected friend.

Momo and the Time-Thieves is one of the most beloved children’s books in Germany. It was written by Michael Ende, who is also the author of The Neverending Story.

Take a trip to the land of fairy tales with your whole family to see Momo bring back the stolen time.

Momo and the Time-Thieves is performed in Danish with Danish surtitles.

Expected duration: 2 hour(s)

incl. 1 interval

15.10.2017 - 10.12.2017