It Finishes when It Finishes

It Finishes when It Finishes

Please notice that the show will take place in A-salen, Tordenskjoldsgade 10.

New steps, live Ethiopian jazz and real magic!

We all remember the tingling sensation from our childhood when we experienced a magic trick. A rabbit suddenly coming out of a hat or a woman being cut in half. With It Finishes When It Finishes, Ioannis Mandafounis and Corpus play with the perception of reality in a great fusion of movement and magic.

Mandafounis works on a methodology of instant creation, that fascinates the audience with its complex and dynamic structure 

The dancers are accompanied by the concert pianist Alison Smith who will play the unique spiritual and minimalistic piece 21 Ethiopics composed by Ethiopian nun, Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou.

Foyer concert

After the performance on 27th April Corpus invites you to the first Danish concert with jazz stars Mark Turner and Mikkel Ploug.The duo will play an acoustic concert in the foyer of A-salen. With a ticket to the performance on the 27th it will also be vali for the concert.

Audience Warm up

On selected days we invite the audience to participate in a specifically developed audience warm up in A Salen 15 minutes before the performance starts. Here the audience have an unique opportunity to take part in the process of the creation of the piece. 

Come as you are – there are no specific demands to participants. 

The audience warm up will be led by the choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis and will be held on the following days: 

  • Friday 20. April, 19.45-20.00
  • Saturday 21. April, 16.45-17.00
  • Tuesday 24. april, 19.45-20.00
  • Wednesday 25. april, 19.45-20.00
  • Saturday 28. april,
  • Tuesday 1. maj, 19.45-20.00
  • Wednesday 2. maj, 19.45-20.00

Ioannis Mandafounis

Ioannis Mandafounis was born in Athens in 1981. Ioannis studied dance at the National School of Athens and at the Conservatoire de Paris. Before becoming a freelance choreographer, he was part of the Gothenburg Opera Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater II and was a member of the Forsythe Company from 2005 to 2009.

In 2009, Ioannis, together with Fabrice Mazliah created the «Cie Projet 11», as well as the art collective Mamaza with May Zarhy. Together, they created several internationally acclaimed performances.

During the same time, Ioannis created multiple productions by himself in collaboration with other creatives from the field of dance, theatre and music. He has been touring internationally with those productions to great success and is considered an important voice within the field of improvisation.

In 2015, Ioannis Mandafounis received the Swiss Dance Awards in category Outstanding Male Dancer accolades.

Read more about Ioannis Mandafounis here:



Name of songs:
• Homeless Wanderer
• The Last Tears of Deceased
• A Young Girl's Complaint
• The Song of the Sea
• The Garden of Gethesemanie
• Evening Breeze
• Song of Abayi
• Jordan River
• Golgotha

Performed by Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru
Courtesy of the Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music Foundation, LLC

Choreographer: Ioannis Mandafounis
Dancers: Zoé Bernabéu, Marco Herlev Høst, Nastia Ivanova, Hazuki Kojima, Pierre Piton, Alexander Stæger
Pianist: Alison Smith
Composer: Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou
Magician, konsulent: Rémy Berthier
Light designer: David Kretonic
Costumier: Mette Morild
Head of props: Nanna Bjerre
Production manager: Martin Ilsøe
Artisitc director, Corpus: Tim Matiakis
Creative producer, Corpus: Eva Steen Nordhagen
Producer, Corpus: Karen Grønborg
Process developer, Corpus: Marie Haugsted Mors
Head of tech, Corpus: Kasper Riisberg
Assistant, Corpus: Dominyka Skarbaliute
Grafic designer, Corpus: Benjamin Graahede / No 22

without interval

11.04.2018 - 07.06.2018

What is Corpus?

Corpus is a current dance company and an autonomous part of The Royal Danish Ballet. Our ambition is to help shape the future of dance by presenting performances and events where the physical potential is in focus. Visit us in A-salen behind the Old Stage – an openhearted space for the curious where the experience is yours, the bar is cheap and you are warmly welcome!