Corpus + Kloborg = Nostos
...or It's all Greek to me

Sebastian Kloborg has created a site specific performance with inspiration from the most famous road trip in history, The Odyssey. Nostos physically investigates traveling and transportation today by diving into the sensory experience of leaving and of coming home and everything that happens in between.


Director: Sebastian Kloborg
Choreography: Sebastian Kloborg in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Zoé Bernabéu, Marco Herlev Høst, Nastia Ivanova, Hazuki Kojima, Pierre Piton, Alexander Stæger
Scenography and costume designer: Christian Albrechtsen
Costumier: Rikke Korfix
Scenograpy- and choreography assistant: Ditte Bertelsen
Process and organisation developer: Marie Haugsted Mors
Artistic director, Corpus: Tim Matiakis
Creative producer, Corpus: Eva Steen Nordhagen
Head of tech, Corpus: Kasper Riisberg
Assistant, Corpus: Dominyka Skarbaliute
Grafical designer, Corpus: Benjamin Graahede / No 22

Thank you Audi Danmark for the scenography for Nostos.

Thank you Jeudan for making Jeudan Parkering available for Nostos.

Expected duration: 1 hour(s)

without interval

06.10.2017 - 08.10.2017

What is Corpus?

Corpus is a current dance company and an autonomous part of The Royal Danish Ballet. Our ambition is to help shape the future of dance by presenting performances and events where the physical potential is in focus. Visit us in A-salen behind the Old Stage – an openhearted space for the curious where the experience is yours, the bar is cheap and you are warmly welcome!