Philipp Fürhofer

Philipp Fürhofer

Set designer

Born in 1982 in Augsburg, Germany.

Philipp Fürhofer’s previous work at The Royal Danish Theatre includes the operas Drot and Marsk(2019) and Sicilian Vesper (2013), a co-production with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London. 

Philipp Fürhofer’s multidisciplinary artistic practice combines paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations and set designs. His works are created with a singular language exploring existential and timeless topics and contextualizing its heritage that combines modern materials, mixed with historical and contemporary elements, but also referring operas, German and Nordic Romantic painters and Old Masters. 

Since 2008, he continuously works as stage and costume designer for operas. He created set designs among others for Eugene Onegin  and Pique Dame for the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam; The Flying Dutchman at the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki. In 2013, he worked on Sicilian Vesperspresented at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London, which was awarded by the Society of London Theatre the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award for best opera production. 

Fürhofer’s works have been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries around the world, most recently with a major installation in the rotunda of the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt. In 2018, Munich’s Hypo-Kunsthalle invited him to create the concept and the scenography for the exhibitionDu bist Faust. Last year, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts commissioned him to create a gallery,“Couture Gynoid”, based on his work for the blockbuster exhibition tour of Thierry Mugler.Couturissime presented in Montreal, Rotterdam, Munich and Paris since 2019. He lives and works in Berlin.