Varja Klosse

Varja Klosse

Lighting designer

Varja Klosse, lighting designer

Varja grew up in Saint-Petersburg. In this wonderful city with a rich theater history, she took her first steps in the theatre world. Nowadays she is 36 years old and is a well known Dutch theatre lighting designer.

In 2016 she graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Since then she has worked with a lot of theatre companies: International Theater Amsterdam, The National Theatre in The Hague, Urland company, Rotterdam Theatre, The Schuur Theatre, North Netherlands Theatre, Frascati Theatre, Festival Cement and Amsterdam Light Festival and with independent makers, directors and choreographers. A special bond she has with director Eline Arbo and composer Thijs van Vuure, they have been working together for 8 years.

As a guest teacher she gave lessons at the Amsterdam University of the Arts to students of the Design and Technology specialization. Students also followed internships with her.

Special or nominated for prizes works from the last three years are:

Weg met Eddy Bellegueule /Toneelschuur Producties /2020 / directed by Eline Arbo

De Uren/ITA/ 2021 / directed by Eline Arbo

Do not look back with regret/TR/2021 / directed by Davy Pieters

Gabber Opera/Urland/2021 / directed by Urland

De Jaren / HNT/2022 / directed by Eline Arbo

Penthesilea/ITA/2023/ directed by Eline Arbo